Your dental and general health is important to me, and it starts with attractive, working teeth that fit your expectations. I’m here for you with gentle holistic dentistry, empathy, and the latest in biological dental treatments. My background includes a Doctorate of Medicine in Dentistry from Tufts University, a Master of Science in Biotech from Rush University, mentorship with Dr. Daniel Vinograd (recognized authority in Holistic Dentistry), and membership with the IAOMT (The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology). I was also honored to be awarded a place on the top 3 Dentist list from the SDDA (San Diego Dentist Association). 

When it comes to treating my patients, I believe it is critical to be holistic, and my moderate, non-invasive treatment plans emphasize the clients’ oral health in conjunction with their entire physical and emotional well-being. As a result, I approach dentistry with a knowledge of biology, science, and human physiology and an understanding that dental health is a part of a more extensive system that can influence and be influenced by the human body. I’m a biological, biocompatible dentist (also known as a holistic dentist), which simply means I treat you as a whole person rather than just your mouth. 

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About Holistic Dentist Dr Carli Katz, DMD

We may develop confidence and a course of action by outlining what you want to be done as well as what has to be done ahead of time. This is crucial to overcome dental fear, as it is widely known that “knowledge” is power. 

To promote a healthy lifestyle, the following are also things I endorse and advocate for:

  • trying as much as possible to eat whole foods that have been lightly processed.
  • incorporating proven wellness approaches such as meditation, yoga, and other well-being techniques.
  • choosing only the best holistic dentist and specialist for your medical treatment.

It’s not like all dentists are cautious and are as concerned as we are about using natural dental materials that are suitable for your body system. Still, our entire crew is dedicated to maintaining a meticulous methodology for safely removing amalgam fillings, as well as using the best biocompatible materials that are personalized to each patient’s needs.

Some dentists are opposed to the use of mercury and other metals in the treatment of teeth. Instead, porcelain crowns and other non-toxic materials are employed, which are more visually stunning and unquestionably safe for human health. I would also do the same.

Smart Dental Anxiety Remedies for Clients

A holistic dentist, I focus on the patient’s total health and incorporate all of the benefits of the present technology with those of holistic treatments, with an especially intent focus on avoiding potentially toxic dental materials.

I’m fascinated by the rapidly expanding topic of biological dentistry. I recognize the significance of the link between dental and total health. Dental care, in my opinion, should be viewed as an integrative strategy rather than consistently using the same approach. Furthermore, I believe that each patient is entitled to unique/tailored dental treatment, and offered alternatives based on their medical background and genetic conditions.

Stayin on top of the latest in technology has also lent itself to increased patient comfort (reducing any potential trauma is core to holistic dentistry). Tiny precision needles and a warmed pH-neutral numbing solution for example can minimize otherwise painful treatments, and in other instances, we can avoid needles entirely. There are currently procedures that are safe, quick, and painless.

I will do my utmost for you to never feel out of control of your dental health care with me. I will always inform you what I’m doing and will stop when you tell me to. Knowing what to expect helps to relieve stress, and you can also reduce your engagement in the procedure by listening to music or watching television.

For Patients’ Satisfaction, We Use Cutting-edge Technology and a Dependable Team

When you entrust your dental health to us, you benefit from a holistic dentist who will put your overall health first in all treatment plans. Holistic dentists know that oral health issues can lead to health issues systemically, and the opposite is also true.  

I want to work for you as you holistic dentist. I’m grateful to work with a great team who is dedicated to our profession and clients, as well as having a genuine willingness to help everyone using our modern, holistic approaches. 

We are firm believers in minimally invasive, results based dentistry – our compassionate team strives to protect your natural teeth and promote a healthy smile by utilizing cutting-edge dental technology in a relaxing, refreshing, and healing atmosphere.