Dental Anxiety Treatment That Help Relax Our Patients

We realize that even the thought of seeing the dentist might be frightening, and certainly, a holistic dental approach includes the emotional health of our patients. After all, dental care used to be barbaric: it could be unpleasant, painful, noisy, and require long recovery periods. However, in recent years, a lot has changed. And we’re a unique dental practice that takes advantage of both traditional holistic methods, as well at the newest equipment to help relax our patients.

Dr Carli Katz is a compassionate and holistic dentist who treats each patient as a real person. That means she can provide dental anxiety treatment solutions that people like you could appreciate.

If you’ve been putting off dental treatment because you fear a certain procedure or fear going to the dentist in general, please reach out to us. We’re a place that always ensures our patients are relaxed and comfortable, no matter the procedure.

We meet with you before doing any work to discuss what treatments and services you require and build a plan for your oral and general health. We make every effort to assuage your concerns, and keep you informed about everything that will be going on. We put you in the driver’s seat, stopping if necessary so you can relax and make decisions – and doing whatever it takes to provide you with the dental treatment you need with the least amount of worry and discomfort. 

Easing Fear And Anxiety May Be Simpler Than You Think

When you come to see Dr. Carli, she may discuss non-medication dental anxiety treatment alternatives with you. Those looking for local dental phobia dentists will find this a pleasant – even enjoyable – location to visit. Listening to music, watching TV, or using aromatherapy oils might sometimes give all the diversion you need to feel at ease. 

In some situations, we may prescribe a combination or herbs and/or medication to help you cope with your anxiety and relax during your dental treatment. No matter your degree of anxiety, we can help you choose the proper dental anxiety treatment.  

You might find it helpful to come into our office and get to know us before your dental appointment. We can tour you around the clinic, introduce you to Dr Carli Katz, our holistic dentist, and explain how we operate. You may come back for a dental cleaning and exam at a later date, and the people you met will treat you in a comfortable setting. 

As part of this visit, we can discuss specific treatments that may be required to restore your teeth and oral health. This conversation will help you psychologically prepare for the procedure’s length, the equipment you’ll need, any feelings you could have, and the time it will take you to recover. We have discovered that the better informed you are, the better a patient you will be. We can all benefit from this.

Treatments Are Better And Less Painful Than Ever

We admit it: There was a time when dental treatment was difficult and painful. But that time is long past. All our patients, including those who are looking for dental anxiety treatment options, benefit from smaller needles and less need for them, less painful anaesthetics, lasers, micro-abrasion, cooler electric motors that don’t cause heat-related pain, and more.

These days, patients often say they don’t feel anything when we administer an anaesthetic. When they do feel something, it’s almost always only minor discomfort or a prick, rather than any real pain. We use special techniques to administer warmed anaesthetics slowly, and that helps prevent pain.

Just as importantly, Dr Carli Katz has a quality that old-fashioned dentists didn’t have: a full understanding of the potentially devastating effect of hurting a patient physically or emotionally. When we make the effort to slow down and think about our patients’ needs, the process is less stressful for us and less painful for you.

Is Sedation Dentistry Available?

For severely anxious patients, we provide sedation dentistry. When you select sedation dentistry, we may offer you a tablet to take before your appointment and another to take during the visit that relaxes and sedates you slightly. However, unless we provide more potent medicine for lengthy operations or sophisticated oral surgery, the majority of patients do not fall asleep. Generally, you remain alert yet carefree, in control of your body and awake. 

Sedation dentistry may eliminate the need for extra pain medication during the operation, eliminating the necessity for needles. You will generally be able to talk and respond to our request, but with a little of a fogginess in your head. You may need someone to drive you to and from the treatment – or you may opt to wait until your sedation wears off completely.

While sedation dentistry is not for everyone, many people are candidates. Children, too, can benefit. Dr Carli Katz can speak with you about this and other alternatives.

Isn’t it time to let us assist you in overcoming your dental fear and receiving the dental care you need? 

Dr Carli Katz is the ideal holistic dentist for anxiety sufferers, and everyone at 613 Dentistry looks forward to meeting and treating you.  

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