Gentle‚ Personalized Dentistry Near Chula Vista From Dr. Carli Katz‚ DDS

I’m looking forward to seeing you, and taking care of any future dental or oral health concerns you may have. I am happy to provide the highest level of dental care to Chula Vista residents, and I want you to have the best oral and general health possible. One step in this direction is to get the most gorgeous, functioning, natural teeth that match your wants and needs. I’m here for you, no matter what, as your Chula Vista dentist. I provide painless and holistic dental options in a convenient location. 

I want to make one thing clear: I’m not like the dentists you’ve seen in the past. I’m a holistic dentist, sometimes referred to as a biological dentist, and I treat you as a whole person. I deal with anything that has to do with your health. 

Holistic Dentist Chula Vista

Chula Vista’s Pick For Dental And Oral Needs

By setting expectations beforehand and discussing what needs to be done before we start, we can build trust and reach an agreement on the best course of action. That old saying is very true. Information can be powerful, and it can help you conquer your dental anxiety. We also offer methods like homeopathy and aromatherapy that help with tense muscles and release tension. This can help prepare you for a more painless, comfortable procedure.

I support high-quality living by promoting & advocating for:

  • Trying to eat whole & minimally processed food.
  • Taking part in holistic wellness activities such as meditation and yoga.
  • Consult only with the most reliable holistic dentists and doctors for treatment.
  • And many more

We use biological dental materials that work with the body and are not against it for many reasons. Chula Vista dentists who don’t put much care into their work do exist and are out there. We support the use of composite fillings & porcelain crowns instead of using mercury or metals in dental restoration. They last longer and look better; they are unquestionably safe, and they improve oral health. I also recommend getting rid of amalgam fillings by using ozone water for gum hygiene and avoiding unnecessary root canal work.

Offering Chula Vista Clients Smart Dental Anxiety Solutions

Historically, dental offices were often seen as barbaric because of the often seemingly traumatic treatments. Nowadays, modern technology can make everything easier. I’m very proud to say that my dental clinic is at the forefront of cutting-edge dentistry with a philosophy of compassionate pain-free treatment for all, including patients in Chula Vista who have been previously traumatized.

Here’s an example of one way things get better now. A couple of years ago, patients at Chula Vista Dental may have received numbing drugs by injection using large needles that would last several hours. This always caused them not only physical pain but also emotional suffering. That’s not what we are committed to at our practice. We use tiny precision needles that are warmed similarly to body temperature, and we apply a topical anesthetic so they won’t hurt at all. Some procedures require no needle contact at all, which is quick and painless. There is also the possibility of having no anesthetic used during the procedure.

Furthermore, I give patients complete control over their treatment. We never push you to make decisions counter to your intuition, and will not continue treatment if you are uncomfortable during the process. I’ll always let you know what I’m up to, reply when you ask a question, and let you know when I’m done. Being well-informed can help take away your fear. You may also choose to watch TV instead of participating in the procedure if you’re too frightened. 

Today’s Equipment And A Proven Team For Chula Vista Dental Clients Of All Types

I like working with colleagues who care about our practice and our patients. You can trust my staff and me to do everything we can to help you, even if you’re anxious or nervous about your visit. We’ll use the latest methods and techniques to fit your needs and provide the best experience possible for all of our patients. 

I’m grateful and blessed to have been able to successfully offer my gentle holistic & biocompatible dental services for Chula Vista residents. I believe that this will produce many positive changes in how you feel about a dental visit, and I can’t wait to bring that into your life.

Get in touch with us now at 619-489-1890 to schedule an appointment for a free holistic dental consultation.