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Hello‚ I’m Dr. Carli Katz, DMD, and I’ll serve you at our office. This clinic and I have the same aim of meeting the San Diego community’s dental and oral health needs. As a long-standing clinic, our practice is the most excellent option for individuals seeking the best therapy. Why is it possible that our practice is the best option? Because, as a holistic dentist, I will assist you in achieving the best overall health, which means that my focus is not just on dental and oral health but also on your total health. You can trust that your health will always be our first concern and that our staff will use a systematic method to determine the root of your problem and deliver excellent outcomes for you and your family. Furthermore, our practice offers painless dental and oral care as well as beautiful teeth. 

As a dentist, I intend to implement more current dental techniques that differ from prior methods. What distinguishes this dental practice from previous ones? Our approach uses superior and more creative health concepts than the majority of dentists. The idea is to concentrate on the treatment and your entire health rather than simply your dental and oral health. Many dentists are unaware that some fillings and crowns may not be suitable for patients. 

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San Diego’s Best Choice for Oral and Whole–Body Health

Some of you must be nervous and hesitant to see the dentist. It’s possible you’re worried for a variety of reasons, such as the fact that your previous dentist failed to treat you properly, causing pain that persisted and even worsened after treatment, or information from trusted sources about the dentist who was unable to treat you properly and who made you feel bad. You won’t have to worry about any of that at our clinic. We will treat your dental anxiety in the most effective way possible, which may include psycho-therapeutic interventions, pharmacological interventions, or a mix of the two. We shall approach you to determine the source of your dental anxiety. Furthermore, we will always make sure that you receive thorough information. 

A healthy lifestyle can also have an impact on overall health. I would advise you to follow the following guidelines: 

  • It is preferable to consume as much hard food as possible and to avoid soft food diets as much as possible. 
  • It is advised that you regularly engage in sports, yoga, and meditation to enhance your physical, psychological, and emotional health. 
  • Select the finest holistic dentist to address both your dental and overall wellness. Our holistic dental clinic might be a good option for you, especially if you live in San Diego. 
  • Contact our office right away to discuss your issue.

As a holistic dental facility, we only utilize biocompatible materials that are safe for your health. We avoid additives containing mercury and other metals that might be harmful to your health. We use porcelain instead of metal for the crown and composites instead of amalgam for the restoration. Then what about root canal filling material? For such an operation, we also utilize safe materials. 

Offering San Diego Smart Dental Anxiety Solutions

I acknowledge that dental techniques used to be less sophisticated than they are now and that many dental procedures used to be quite painful. However, over time, a slew of new technologies have developed that are undoubtedly more sophisticated. I’m excited to introduce our business as a painless dental clinic specializing in San Diego locals, most of whom have indeed been traumatized by previous dentists. 

Because many dental clinics utilized large needles, many San Diego patients suffer agony when injected with needles. This is the source of the patient’s mental and perhaps bodily distress. However, for some operations, our clinic utilizes tiny needles. Before giving you an injection, we will use a heated pH-neutral anesthetic and administered a topical anesthetic. 

But don’t worry; you’ll have to approve all of the therapy methods beforehand. I will keep you informed of every step I take, and you may notify me if you want to take a break in the middle of your therapy. This clear and detailed information hopefully will give less anxiety to you.

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A Great Dentist‚ Dental Team and Office

I want to earn your trust to be the most incredible dentist for you and your family. Our office also boasts a staff of outstanding, professional, and gentle individuals. We all give our utmost for every customer, especially those who are anxious or nervous. Our mission is to be the finest location in San Diego for all of your dental health needs. 

I have the honor of delivering the highest level of holistic dental care and making a significant impact in your life. So, how can I be of assistance to you? 

Get in touch with us now at 619-489-1890 to schedule an appointment for a free holistic dental consultation.