El Cajon Residents Trust Dr. Carli Katz, DMD

Welcome, I’m Dr. Carli Katz, DMD, and I’ll be your holistic dentist. One of my goals as such is to offer my patients the best possible care, including painless dental treatment. Despite the fact that our office is in Chula Vista, patients in neighboring El Cajon will receive the same high-quality treatment.

Before deciding on therapy, I’ll use an approach strategy to discover what the patient truly needs. As a holistic dentist in El Cajon, I will do all possible to provide you a beautiful, pain-free smile. Your happiness is also my goal, and you may trust me without fear of being let down. 

Biological or holistic dentists differ from traditional dentists. Holistics dentists are general dentists who focus on avoiding dental issues and improving patients’ health and wellness. My objective as a holistic dentist is to treat your teeth and mouth as well as each patient as a person.

All of your body’s systems are linked. Your teeth and mouth are part of a larger system that interacts with the rest of your body. Your anxiety might be apparent when you have a dental condition, such as tooth loss, which affects your confidence. 

Holistic Dentist El Cajon

El Cajon’s Choice For Overall Well–Being

Before beginning your dental treatment, I will work to establish trust between us. First and foremost, I will be a good listener to determine what your actual problem is. If trust has been established, my staff and I will properly resolve your dental issue without making any mistakes. 

We employ homeopathy, aromatherapy, total start–and–stop control, and other treatments during dental operations to ensure that you have an excellent dental experience. Then, without any injections or drilling on your teeth, we may finish numerous treatment programs. 

Furthermore, you can follow these things below to increase your dental and oral health:

  • Planning your daily diet. As a dentist, I suggest you eat hard food rather than soft food.
  •  To increase your mental health, you can take meditation and yoga.
  •  Don’t forget to choose the top holistic doctors and dentists for your dental.
  • And many more

I am constantly mindful of the patient’s safety when giving dental treatment, as some dental materials might have adverse effects. I only utilize biocompatible dental materials that are safe for my patients. Many dental clinics utilized mercury or other metals to produce crowns and restorations in the past, but these materials are toxic to patients.

Composite fillings and porcelain crowns are my current favorites. These materials will improve your appearance, mainly because they are the same hue as your actual teeth. If you still have amalgam restorations, I strongly advise you to have them removed since amalgam is hazardous to your health. In addition, I will look after your periodontal health and, if necessary, provide alternate materials to root canal treatment. 

Offering El Cajon Patients Holistic Solutions For Dental Anxiety

Many former dentists (usually unintentionally) used hazardous techniques, which might result in negative dental health experiences. For dentists and patients, the technology isn’t good enough. Because technology has advanced in recent years, I handle your dental needs using current technologies.

My patient will have pain-free and pleasant therapy thanks to contemporary technologies. Furthermore, using prior technology that offers patients who have been traumatized, I can decrease the anxiety of El Cajon locals and other patients. 

One of the examples that technology has proven nowadays has grown very well is anesthesia. A long years ago, anesthesia that had been used for dental patients in Southern California might be using powerful numbing agents that lasted for hours but with big needles. The size of those needles can cause physical and emotional pain to the patient.

This situation also can be traumatizing, especially to a patient with a fear of needles. Nevertheless, those anesthesia techniques are not used anymore, especial as they are not in alignment without holistic focus. Nowadays, we use tiny needles and a painless pH-neutral anesthetic because they have the same temperature as our dental room. Sometimes, we don’t need to use needles at all in many cases.

Anesthesia is one of the many examples of how technology has progressed in recent years. Anesthesia for dental patients in Southern California may have utilized powerful numbing drugs that lasted for hours but with large needles a long time ago. The patient may experience physical and mental discomfort as a result of the needles’ size. This circumstance can also be traumatic, particularly for a patient who is afraid of needles.

However, old anesthetic techniques are no longer employed, particularly in our dental clinic. We now utilize small needles and painless pH-neutral anesthesia because they are the same temperature as our dental room. In many situations, we may not even need to use needles at all. 

My patient will always be my top focus. When my patient requests it, I will always soothe them and cease working. I constantly keep my patients informed about every phase of my therapy so that they know the services that I provide. However, you have the option of continuing to be informed by me or not. 

Today’s Tools And The Best People…

For El Cajon Dental Clients Like You

I’m very proud to be a part of our practice, which has good staff with strong ethics‚ that can help comfort you when you’re anxious or nervous, and our dental practice has complete tools that can help you as a patient. And, of course, the best performance of a dental clinic depends on my team and me for providing the best experience to our patients all across the cities.

I’m thankful for everyone who wants to know my goal of giving my patients the best experience in health with painless action. Some people may think that dentists are scary, but I want to change everyone’s perception of dentists because dentists can help all your dental and oral health problems and give you a great life.

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