Biocompatibility Testing

Dental toxicities can occur from the placement of foreign materials in a patient’s mouth, subsequently causing the immune system to react and “reject” the restoration. For any patient concerned about specific compatibility issues, we offer you 2 widely respected sensitivity tests for biocompatibility.

This type of testing is a vital part of the regulatory approval process for medical devices, considering that even the best-designed products can produce unintended complications if the materials used cause a biological reaction in the patient.

We are a dedicated, holistic dental practice that aims at utilizing materials on and in your body that do not cause an adverse reaction. Consequently, these tests provide the right tool in ensuring that we are on the right path, one that does not interfere with any patient’s physiology.

Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing (CMRT)

Biocompatibility Testing by Dr Carli Katz, DMD

Our patients benefit significantly from Clifford testing as it provides a wide range of valuable information regarding their specific sensitivities. This data is essential because it helps determine the suitable materials that will cause the least incompatibility or aggravation to the body during the course of treatment.

Besides testing for your body’s responses to specific biomaterials, Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing (CMRT) is also helpful in testing for other responses. Such tests include your responses to corrosion byproducts of these materials, which could be generated as dental materials naturally degrade over time and break down or decompose. It is vital to be cautious at all times, not just about the materials themselves, but also the the decomposition of materials from the products used.

The CMRT laboratory testing is done with a blood sample drawn and prepared locally and then transported to the lab for analysis. The test works by analyzing 95 chemical groups used in dental materials. Naturally, your body’s antibodies will react against the antigens introduced to your immune system. This testing helps detect the immunologic record that your immune system has stored about chemicals and other offensive materials encountered in the past. The CMRT findings of the 95 chemical groups are compared to a database of more than 17000 brand-name dental products we might want to use on you with a label listing their bio-reactivity as suited or not. With this information, we can determine sensitivities, and if there are any sensitivities to the items we plan on using, we go for an alternative option.

Biocomp Blood Serum Biocompatibility Testing

The knowledge of dental toxicity resulting from an immune reaction against a foreign toxic material is fundamental in ensuring a patient’s general health. The main aim of Biocamp Blood Serum Biocompatibility Testing is to measure immune system response on an individual basis using a sophisticated blood serum procedure. If you are experiencing chronic pain issues and concerns regarding your general health and systemic wellbeing, or maybe you want full knowledge of your sensitivities and your body’s compatibility with dental materials, in that case, this test is ideal for you.

The end result of the Biocomp Blood Serum Testing, just like CMRT, is a comprehensive report that states whether the dental materials are highly reactive, moderately reactive, or least reactive. This is a crucial test given that dentists have various material choices for many procedures and restorations, hence, the need for reactivity testing.

The information obtained from this test allows you to learn about and avoid dental toxicity by using the least reactive materials. The Biocamp Blood Serum Biocompatibility Testing checks for reactions to product categories such as cement, composites, denture materials, bonding, crown materials, and more.

Fortunately, the laboratory is continuously improving the test to check for more reactions. In two weeks or sooner, if the treatment is urgent, we get a report that enables us to choose the suitable materials and help you make the right decisions.

Need for Certainty

Our holistic dental care involves using biocompatible materials that can withstand the tests of time for every patient that visits. We are careful to avoid any material that can potentially harm your health and systemic performance.

For example, we do not use amalgam filling material because we do not want to fill your mouth with mercury. Even root canals are not our standard procedure for us considering all the toxic components involved and the significant risk of infection.

We do not espouse the use of any toxic materials, however still offer Biocompatibility testing to all of our patients in an effort to go the extra step in ensuring the best materials are used for their specific condition. We pride ourselves in being a gentle, holistic, biocompatible dental clinic committed to resolving your most challenging dental concerns.

Give us a call at (619) 489-1890 for a free first consultation to discover more about holistic, non-toxic dentistry and how it may benefit your entire health. 

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