For Vista Residents‚ Dr. Carli Katz is the Gentle and Safe Choice.

Allow me to treat and preserve the health of your mouth and teeth with joy. The main goal, which I think Vista people will appreciate, is holistic oral wellness. I am a skilled dentist who will take a unique approach to help people in Vista and Southern California achieve optimal dental health. This method will provide the most painless therapy for a healthy and attractive smile. 

The dental system I use differs significantly from most traditional dentists. Here, I’m going to treat you as a whole person. I know that teeth and mouth are vital components of your systemic health.

Holistic Dentist Vista

Vista’s Best Choice For Oral and Overall Health

Do you experience trauma or anxiety when visiting the dentist? We have options to help you relax and feel at ease while receiving dental and oral treatment. We provide exceptional treatments such as homeopathy and aromatherapy to relax your mind and body during the dental treatment procedure. 

To promote your general health, I propose the following healthy habits that are simple to implement in your everyday life:

  • Try only to eat whole foods with minimal cooking.
  • To enhance physical and mental health, combine regular exercise with yoga, meditation, and other proven methods.
  • Visit doctors and dentists regularly. 
  • Also, experiment with other healthy habits. 

Not every dentist in Vista offers procedures that are both safe and enjoyable. To minimize adverse health reactions in our patients, my team and I exclusively use biocompatible and biodegradable materials. No heavy metals such as mercury, lead, or other heavy metals are utilized in any of our goods. We use health-safe porcelain and composite dental crowns as fillings. We strongly recommend not using dental fillings made from amalgam, avoiding root canals, and using ozone water which is good for the patient’s periodontal health.

The Best Solution to Overcome the Holistic Dental Anxiety of Vista Patients

Dental treatment was not as comfortable and safe a few years ago as it is now. With the advancement of technology and medical science, the dental treatment provided at our dental office is now painless and ideal for Vista residents who have experienced trauma or dread while visiting the dentist. 

Did you realize that dentistry nowadays is far superior to what it was in the past? Patients on Vista previously had to endure unpleasant numbing injections with a large needle. They experienced discomfort and a severe mental and physical reaction as a result of this. Our practice exclusively utilizes neutral pH anesthetic medicines that have been prepared with mild temperatures to make them more comfortable and safe to use. Patients are also given topical anesthetics to make the anesthetic process more effective. For patients in Vista, my staff and I employ tiny syringes and treatment techniques that are quick, painless, and trauma-free. 

Even better than other dental clinics‚ you have complete control over when dental treatment is performed. I will gladly inform you of every step of the dental procedure. This information can help you to overcome fear and trauma. We will make you as comfortable as possible during the treatment, and you can watch TV while we design your dental treatment plan.

The Best Equipment And An Experienced Team…

For Every Vista Residents

I want to be your go-to dentist, available to help you whenever you need it. I’m happy to have a staff that is dependable and capable of helping you overcome your fears. The primary benefits of our dental clinic, which is suited for all patients, are modern dental equipment and procedures. As a result, you may trust our practice with your own dental and oral needs as well as those of your family. 

I’m thrilled to be able to give gentle and relaxing holistic dentistry care to Vista residents like you. Together, let’s make dental and oral health enjoyable, safe, and pleasant.  

See my team and me at our office in San Diego for the most advanced and holistic dental care. 

Reach out to us now at 619-489-1890 to schedule an appointment for a free holistic dental consultation.