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Amalgam removal is a hot topic because many people have old-fashioned silver fillings made with harmful materials (mercury). If you’re considering removing silver fillings to get rid of these toxins and help restore overall health, please turn to us. Dr. Carli Katz is a holistic dentist committed to natural, biocompatible dentistry and is experienced in silver filling replacement.

Please understand that the dentists who put mercury-containing amalgam in your mouth may have thought they were doing the right thing. Amalgam is durable and long-lasting. But bits of metal escape from the fillings as you eat or grind your teeth – especially if the fillings are damaged. And these metals are harmful to you in many ways.

Amalgam is 50 Percent Mercury

You may think that a dental filling is a solution, not a problem. But if your dentist chose to use silver-colored amalgam, he or she created a problem for you by putting toxic mercury in your mouth.  Amalgam removal must be done under strict safety protocols to prevent a large amount of mercury from escaping into your system during removal. But it can be done safely by a well-trained dental professional like IAOMT certified biocompatible dentist Dr. Carli Katz, an expert in amalgam removal. She offers silver filling replacement with harmless composite materials.

Amalgam is half mercury because this metal is liquid at room temperature. The other half by weight of silver filling material is a powder made of silver, tin, and copper, in most cases. Heavy metals are bad for you, and mercury is a known toxin that requires protective gear to handle. This wasn’t known decades ago when some amalgam fillings were placed, but remarkably, some dentists still use mercury-containing amalgam.

Modern, forward-thinking dentists have been using tooth-colored composite for cavities for years. But millions of us still have silver fillings. Scientists and health experts raised the alarm on these fillings years ago, mainly over concerns with how much harmful mercury they contact. Mercury is what makes the material pliable and easy for dentists to use, but exposure to this metal that used to be called quicksilver has been associated with health issues, including unexplained headaches, memory loss, fatigue, anxiety, and more.

In fact, in 2007, the Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry – a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – ranked mercury as the third most hazardous substance. This agency’s report on mercury says that “The nervous system is very sensitive to all forms of mercury” ( Noting that there are serious health concerns with this metal, it lists 5 ways that it’s possible to be exposed to mercury, including:

  • Eating contaminated shellfish
  • Breathing vapors from spills, incinerators, or industries that burn mercury-containing fuels
  • Breathing contaminated air or experiencing skin contact at a workplace
  • Practicing occult rituals that involve drinking or handling mercury, and
  • Inhaling mercury is released from dental or medical work.

Take note that despite these concerns, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not withdrawn approval for the use of dental amalgam even though scientists have discovered that mercury is bioaccumulative – that is, it builds up in the body. Today, it’s still legal for dentists to use this material.

Holistic Dentists Recommend Amalgam Removal

Since silver fillings are 50 percent mercury and include other metals as well, Dr. Carli Katz recommends amalgam removal. If you found this page when seeking a mercury removal dentist near you, you may already be considering this procedure. No matter how you arrived here, please understand that we support silver filling replacements in most cases and are the amalgam removal specialists.

You may choose to keep your amalgam fillings if they aren’t damaged or in need of immediate replacement, but please understand that they still release mercury and metals into your system every time you chew or grind your teeth.

If you have silver amalgam fillings that are in broken teeth, are worn, or are near decayed areas, we recommend immediately removing silver fillings and replacing them with a biocompatible dental composite or another restoration, like a non-metal crown, for example.

If you have TMD, grind your teeth, or have signs of unusual or excessive wear on your teeth, we also recommend immediate amalgam removal to reduce your exposure to mercury over time and increase your overall health.

And don’t worry: We do amalgam removal with strict safety protocols – using suction (with a special device) to get the mercury out of your mouth as quickly as possible and water to prevent the metal particles from getting into the air in the room for you (and us) to breathe.

If you think you have amalgam fillings or think you might, contact us now. Dr. Carli Katz is committed to safe, biocompatible, and holistic dentistry and is experienced at a silver filling replacement. After consulting with her, you’ll have the information you need to make a smart decision about whether amalgam removal is necessary and urgent for you.

Why Some Dentists Still Use Amalgam

As we work to eliminate silver fillings, some dentists are still placing them every day. Here’s why: From a physical properties point of view only, it has its upsides. It’s a strong, pliable, and easy-to-use material that will withstand daily use. It doesn’t easily wear away and doesn’t have to be replaced very often. That means dentists who dispute its toxicity still use it because it’s easy for them and they believe it’s sensible for their patients.

But where humans are concerned, the physical strength and other upsides of the material aren’t important when the material is toxic. It does more harm than good, in a holistic dentist’s opinion. That’s why Dr. Carli Katz is strongly opposed to amalgam fillings. Something containing 50 percent mercury doesn’t really have any upsides when you look at the picture as a whole. The potential for harm far outweighs the good the material can do, especially since there are safe alternatives to silver-mercury fillings.

We Have Safe Alternatives For You

At 613 Dentistry, we’re the amalgam removal experts and have a range of materials we can use instead of amalgam. We’ve never used amalgam and never will. We do beautiful dentistry without harming you – safely, sanely, and gently.

In many cases, tooth-colored composite is the best choice for amalgam removal. In others, a zirconia crown is a good choice. We can also provide bridges, implants, and many other solutions – all safe and biocompatible.

Please make removing silver fillings a priority in your life – for better oral and overall health. Silver filling replacement can be quick and easy when you place your dental care in the hands of Dr. Carli Katz, the amalgam removal expert.

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