In holistic / biomimetic dentistry, destroying tooth structure that is in good health is never a good option. A new crown may be shiny and attractive, but it may come at the cost of tooth integrity, and bound to fail in a shorter period of time. Biomimetic dentistry provides better alternatives that are durable and resemble the natural teeth.

Dentists who practice traditional methods of dental treatment often opt for the easy solutions. They prefer filling healthy teeth and reinforcing them with crowns. Is this really ethical? I am a trained and qualified biomimetic dentist, and I’ve committed myself to offering the best solutions even to the most complicated issues concerning your teeth. Contrary to what many people think, I haven’t left traditional dentistry behind, as it often provides optimal solutions, however, while traditional dentists opt for a solution that affects teeth in good health as a preventive measure, I will only eliminate the portion that is decayed.

Biomimetic Dentistry is Minimally Invasive

I engage with many patients every day, and most of them are surprised that there are conservative treatments for infected, decayed, and chipped teeth. In the past, the only solution to the above problems was the removal of the affected teeth and replacement with artificial ones. We strive to avoid invasive methods such as root canal treatment and crowns here because, in most cases, teeth don’t even need them. As an alternative, we use conservative techniques that are very effective and last longer.

Why Trust Biomimetic Dentistry?

You should trust a biomimetic dentist with your oral health for many reasons. We believe that offering you a long-term treatment will help you maintain your youthful appearance even as you get older. Our dental treatments are less invasive, and this means you need not be nervous when you visit the dentist. In addition to addressing your entire dental health problem, biomimetic dentistry focuses on treating the underlying factors.  

Despite their hardships, we want to give our patients another chance to smile. If you have experienced difficulty with your teeth, reach out to us. We will help you regain your beautiful smile with less invasive measures.

Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Carli if you want a safe and durable solution to your dental issues.