Dental Service Areas

Short drives from anywhere in Southern California will get you to our office to see Dr. Carli Katz. 

A trip to the dentist can be traumatic for some people for a variety of reasons. You no longer need to be concerned. Dr. Carli Katz, your dentist, offers a comprehensive approach to dental care that sets her apart from the competition. If you live or work in San Diego, you may trust my services as a biocompatible dentist. My holistic dentistry clinic’s distinguishing feature is ideal for improving dental health while also making your teeth and mouth look great for the rest of your life. 

Allow me to assist you with all of your general and aesthetic dental needs, from cleanings, x-rays, and examinations to Invisalign invisible aligners and even oral surgery if you choose so. Additionally, I am qualified to treat all members of your family.

What’s distinctive about it? 

Instead of relying on incompatible and unsafe chemicals, like most dentists, I only employ products that are safe and suitable for patients. It demonstrates my regard for you as a whole person. I realize how interconnected all of the body’s systems are. We don’t utilize anything in our products that might be harmful to your health. A biocompatible and biodegradable composite material is used instead of mercury-containing silver fillings in my dental practice. Dentures and root canals are also something we try to stay away from. 

What lifestyle can support it?

If you follow the healthy lifestyle guidelines that we propose, you can achieve dental and oral health: 

  • Foods that have undergone a lengthy cooking procedure should be avoided. 
  •  Excess glucose can promote bacterial infections in the teeth, therefore avoid excessively sugary meals and drinks. 
  • To enhance physical and mental health, regular exercise is combined with yoga or meditation instruction. 
  • At least once every six months, schedule an appointment with your dentist. 
  • As well as other healthy ways of life. 

What about the Nearest Dentist?

Distance isn’t an issue when it comes to receiving the most remarkable and most comprehensive dental treatment. If you live or work in the San Diego region, you won’t have to worry about finding the greatest dental clinic with a team of expert doctors and all of the necessary equipment. To get to our dental office, you may either drive or take public transit. One of the benefits of working at our office is the ease with which you can go about. 

For most people, our practice is located in your neighborhood. If we’re not, we’re worth the drive from any area of Southern California. Our clinic is located at 10450 Friars Road on Mission Gorge Road in San Diego. You will find an upscale office with a friendly, caring staff ready to help you with your dental care. We do dental practice with a gentle and comfortable approach so that you will feel comfortable even for those of you who have experienced bad experiences and trauma during a visit to the dental clinic.

We’re about a half-hour or less from areas as follow:




El Cajon


Chula Vista

… And many other locations around the San Diego area.

Would you please select my dental office and me because no other dental clinic in San Diego can meet your dental needs as comprehensively as we do? For the most fantastic treatment and consultation sessions, meet our experienced staff in aesthetic and general dentistry. When you go to the dentist, there will be no more pain or stress.  

Please reach out to us now at 619-489-1890 to make an appointment for a free holistic dental consultation.