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Safe and effective, homeopathy is a way of treating medical and dental conditions with small doses of natural substances proven to provide symptom relief. If you’re looking for homeopathic dentist customers can rely on for excellence in every aspect of dental and oral and health care, turn to Dr. Carli Katz, who has made a name for herself merging the holistic/homeopathic path to the latest in technology to minimize any trauma to her patients.

Homeopathy is the world’s second-largest system of medicine recognized by the World Health Organization and has proven itself for the management of oral and facial pain. Substances like belladonna have been shown to be useful for toothache, dental abscess pain relief, teeth grinding, and more. Natrum muriaticum can be used as a treatment for fever blisters and cold sores as well as dry, cracked lips. And that’s just for a start.

Homeopathic remedies help with symptoms and the strong psychological and emotional reactions we have to them – without the side effects that many modern drugs have.

As your homeopathic dentist, Dr. Carli Katz is fully trained to use the appropriate homeopathic remedies. Because she’s a full-service holistic dentist, she believes in treating you as a whole person, not just a mouth and set of teeth. Homeopathy is a subset of holistic treatment and helps patients achieve the best possible life – free from symptoms and disease.

If your search for a homeopathic dentist near me has brought you here, you can be sure that you’re in the right place.

What Kinds Of Remedies Are Recommended?

Homeopathic dentistry involves the use of remedies – often in pellet form – for very specific conditions and symptoms. Here are some examples:

  • Arnica is most widely used and works for a wide range of purposes.
  • Aconite can help with panic and shock.
  • Zingiber can relieve gagging and nausea.
  • Nux Vomica relieves vomiting, especially in children.
  • Gelsemium can calm nerves.
  • Chamomilla helps reduce numbness after an anesthetic.
  • Ledum eases soreness from injections.
  • Ruta helps with pain from braces.
  • Hypericum works for nerve injuries.
  • Magnesium phosphorus works for cramping.
  • Causticum is also used for cramping from keeping your mouth open.
  • Plantago tincture can relieve cavity pain when applied directly.
  • And so much more.

When the problem is a toothache, a variety of homeopathic remedies can be used depending on the type of pain. For example, Belladonna is best for throbbing pain while Pulsatilla works for sensitivity to heat and Coffea for sensitivity to cold. Pain from clenching responds to Staphisagria, but Magnesium phosphate is best for shooting pain.

How much, how often and how long should you use these remedies? These are things your homeopathic dentist can help you with. Why not contact us now to plan a visit for a free consultation with Dr. Carli Katz?

Homeopathy For Urgent Care

If you want to try homeopathic dental remedies, we have some suggestions for you based on our experience and the experiences of homeopathic dentists for decades.

(Homeopathic treatments are often measured in centesimal dilutions – or Cs.)

If you have a fear of visiting a dental office, consider these solutions:

Aconite 12C, for restlessness and panic. Take 5 pellets the night before your appointment with homeopathic dentist Dr. Carli Katz, 5 pellets the morning of the appointment, and one more dose 45 minutes before your dental procedure.

Gelsemium 12C, for fear of nausea, weakness, or sleepiness. Take 3 doses of 5 pellets as described above.

For acute dental pain, there are many options. Here are a few suggestions:

Arnica 30C, for inflammation or trauma after a dental procedure. Take 3 to 5 pellets 3 times per hour until symptoms are over.

Hypericum 9C, after tooth extractions or for discomfort from sore dentures. Take 3 to 5 pellets every 20 minutes or so until the pain is better.

Belladonna 6C, for tooth abscesses with throbbing or sensitivity. Take 3 to 5 pellets every half hour to one hour until symptoms are better.

Apis Memifica 9C, for swelling plus prickling or burning sensations. Take 5 pellets per hour until you feel better.

We also have other suggestions for these and other kinds of urgent dental care needs. Homeopathy can help when a baby is teething, when you have a cold sore, while you’re awaiting treatment for a toothache, and more. Remember that homeopathy is safe and natural, but it can’t solve every problem. Please use this information for first aid and not as a substitute for professional dental care.

A Homeopathic Dentist And More

Dr. Carli Katz and our team are proud to practice homeopathic dentistry to reduce the symptoms and improve the lives of our patients. But we’re more than just a homeopathic dentist that customers can rely on. We’re a full-service, general practice holistic dental office. That means we can help you with everything from cavities to crowns and from gum disease to cosmetic dentistry.

All of our treatment plans and services use biocompatible, natural dental techniques and equipment so that your overall health improves and is never harmed by our dental and oral health care practices. Overall health is just as important to us as oral health. Why not reach out to us now and let us help you achieve the best smile and best life possible?

Dr. Carli Katz is a homeopathic dentist patients can depend on.

She’s the full-service dentist you can depend on.

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