See and Feel Exactly How Gentle Holistic Dentistry Can Be

Oral care and overall health cannot be separated, and we believe there is a big difference between aiming to treat the mouth and treating the client. A good holistic dentist treats the disease, but a great doctor treats the person who has the disease.

Our mission is to practice Holistic Dentistry to the extent of making the procedure pain-free, providing you with healthy and stunning teeth as a result. Dr. Carli Katz is passionate about practicing this method, and is ready to be the holistic dentist oceanside can expect to maintain their oral and overall health.

Everyone knows that a regular checkup is necessary to maintain our overall health. We keep our bodies healthy by paying attention to what we let the body consume. If you provide the body with fast food every day, that might lead to obesity.

If you eat well and maintain exercise throughout your busy schedule, this routine will promote better health. These little actions (paying much more attention to the body) contribute to your health much more than you expect. Therefore, keeping our oral area healthy is just as important, as this too brings many benefits for the body.

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Common Problems and Our Solutions

Every part of our body works in its unique ways. We take care of them occasionally. However, people dread the thought of going to the dentist. Many have traumatic experiences. Non-holistic dentists would not want to cause you any harm, but honestly, an old-fashioned method causes side effects. It sounds impossible to avoid because our body naturally reacts when introduced to a foreign object.

Try mentioning the topic of going to the dentist to your group of friends; It is likely to hear someone opening up about the amount of sedation they have administered in an appointment, about the scary needles, or their general anxiety. We complain about the amount of pain we have endured from one trip to the dentist. Our team wants to change that. We want our clients to be as glad as we are after an appointment.

We are happy to exist in a time where modern technology is replacing old ones, big time. The types of equipment used by our dentists are less noisy, and the materials are more natural-made. These new changes bring good change to the industry.

What do we mean by materials? We use biocompatible materials to avoid toxic responses when exposed to the body. We replace metals with the more durable porcelain. Using a metal or any small amount of chemical material might cause overwhelming stress to the body. This continuation will cause overall health to decline.

Another change is we can replace local anesthetic with warm and neutral tumescent anesthesia now. Although we use needles only when necessary, warmed-up pH–neutral anesthesia can lower injection pain. We will use many of these new materials to make your appointment as relaxing and pain-free as possible. Other than the process itself, we will provide those with fear of going to the dentist with some soothing therapies upon arrival, if requested.

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At our office, we want our patients to be as comfortable as possible. We sincerely thank you for putting your trust in our team. It is our responsibility to pay you back by working hard to serve you the best non-stressful treatment. Clients have an active role in communication, but our dentists will also play their part in this process. We will make sure to tell you what or why we are doing (it), so you will have time to pause or relax just at your own pace. Effective communication is the key to making a pleasant appointment.

We believe that our clients are not objects that need to be ‘fixed’ but must be treated and handled with much love and care. Here, we value your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. We want to make sure you feel content after an appointment. Let us work together to provide the best care for our bodies.

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