Dr. Carli Katz believes that patients shouldn’t have to sacrifice beautiful cosmetic results in order to receive dental treatment without the use of toxic materials or harsh treatments. She believes that being a holistic dentist, and treating the systemic health of her patients should be a given in modern dentistry, and she continues to keep up to date on the latest non-toxic treatments, biocompatible dental materials, and non-invasive/biological dental alternatives. Her primary focuses are in the following:

  1. Amalgam (mercury filling) replacement with a specialized protocol to prevent mercury from being released into the body during treatment
  2. Tooth meridian diagnostics to heal related disfunction in the body
  3. Biological/biomimetic option to minimize any trauma to the body required for treatment
  4. Biocompatibility diagnosis to determine the best dental materials to use for homeostasis
  5. Ozone therapy to reduce pockets, and reverse gum disease and prevent surgery
  6. Alternative healing plans to improve healing, both from a preventative and recuperative perspective.

What does Holistic Dentistry Mean?

When a dentist practices holistic dentistry, they treat your mouth as an entire system. Holistic dental care focuses on improving the health of your teeth and gums while also looking at other factors in your life that may be affecting them, like diet or stress levels.

For example, if you’re drinking more coffee than usual, it might be time to cut back because caffeine can cause issues with dry mouth (xerostomia). Why is this important? A dry mouth can lead to bad breath and cavities. Holistic dentists use their extensive knowledge about how lifestyle choices impact oral health when caring for patients, so everyone leaves their office smiling!

Why Choose a Holistic Dentist?

Choosing a holistic dentist will help you avoid harsh chemicals and procedures that can further damage your mouth—holistic dentists trained in natural remedies like ozone therapy. An anti-inflammatory treatment is used to remove bacteria from pockets around the teeth. This gentle alternative works without any pain or side effects!

When it comes to fillings, many patients choose not to go with traditional silver amalgam options because they contain mercury – yikes! Holistic alternatives use biocompatible materials like porcelain or composite resin instead of metals. Hence, there’s no need for metal detectors at airports on your next trip out of town (and bonus: these restorations look more natural!)

When looking through Dr. Carli Katz’s website, you may have noticed that the Holistic Dentistry section is quite extensive. There are pages for her holistic approach to amalgam (mercury filling) removal, dental implants, dental anxiety, and general information about what it means to choose a holistic dentist! Holistic dentists believe in being proactive with treatment so you can keep your mouth healthy year-round; regular cleanings will prevent cavities from developing while also keeping any tooth loss due to gum disease at bay. If you’re looking for a change or an update on how best to take care of your teeth, Dr. Carli Katz can help.

The Benefits of a Healthy Mouth

Everyone knows that smoking, drinking coffee, and sugary sodas are bad for your teeth. But did you know that even brushing too hard or using the wrong kind of toothpaste can be harmful?

Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential for keeping a healthy smile, but holistic dentists believe in taking an additional step beyond just basic cleaning. Holistic doctors focus on strengthening your mouth’s bones and tissues and its energy flow—and this approach has shown to have many positive effects on oral health. According to Dr. Carli Katz “, the state of our mouths reflects the state of our total health. Holistic dentistry is a way to improve your smile and strengthen your mouth by treating both its structure and energy flow.”

What does this mean? Because all body parts are connected, taking care of one function (such as teeth) will help you better care of every other aspect. Holistic dentists believe that if they can heal or remove negative influences like infections or toxins from your mouth, it will positively affect everything else in the body.

For example, when someone has dental issues such as cavities or gum disease, their immune system begins to shut down. The structure of the mouth affects how well their bodies fight off viruses and bacteria. Overall, making them more susceptible to diseases and infections. Holistic doctors help restore the immune system by strengthening their patients’ bones, tissues, and teeth during treatment—and then work with them to ensure they keep up healthy habits in-between visits.

Maintaining a healthy mouth, including brushing teeth, flossing, and visiting the dentist regularly, is not enough. Holistic dentistry considers your body as a whole and the impact that oral health has on other areas of health, such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

A healthy mouth is the “mirror” of one’s overall health, and it doesn’t take long for you to realize when something isn’t right with your teeth. If there are any changes in color, shape, or texture; if they start to ache or hurt (especially at night); if you’re experiencing sensitivity; or even noticing changes in how food tastes – these could be signs that something is wrong. Holistic dentists can help treat underlying causes so you can enjoy a beautiful smile without pain, discomfort, and short-term fixes that don’t address the underlying problem.

If you’re looking for a Holistic Dentist, look no further than Dr. Carli Katz. Her holistic approach to dentistry includes bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for patients experiencing symptoms of menopause to enjoy relief from hot flashes and night sweats while preserving their natural teeth longer. She also uses oral conscious sedation when necessary instead of general anesthesia, safer for both mother and baby during pregnancy and babies under six months old (which is recommended by the FDA). This helps many moms who are anxious about the experience. Those moms may have had a negative experience with anesthesia in the past.

Holistic dentistry is different from traditional dentistry in that it considers the health of the whole body and not just your oral hygiene, in addition to focusing on general dental care. Holistic dentists also look at diet, sleep habits, exercise routines, and stress levels when determining an optimal treatment plan for you by looking deeper into what’s influencing your smile or mouth than simply asking about flossing techniques.

A holistic approach can help address concerns other specialists may miss, such as digestive issues (like acid reflux) or skin conditions like acne linked to gum disease. Holistic dentists, trained to help you determine which dental treatments or solutions will be the most helpful for your overall health, not just your smile.

A holistic approach is critical when treating young children and older adults, as these populations often have unique needs that a traditional general practitioner may overlook. For example, with kids, it’s essential to look at their diet. What they eat (and don’t) while looking for any possible food allergies can make a difference in how well they fare after cleaning instruments are used on them or if fillings need replacing down the road.

This same philosophy applies to seniors who tend to be more prone to systemic conditions and can benefit from consulting with a holistic dentist about which supplements they should take or changes needed in their diets. Holistic dentists train to identify possible imbalances early on so you stay healthy for the long term.

Dentists that practice Holistic Dentistry will look at the whole body, rather than just one part of it, when treating a condition or illness. They will also look for all signs and symptoms that indicate an imbalance within your system and then spend time working with you to get back into balance.

Holistic dentists believe that treating the surface issues alone doesn’t always lead to lasting results. Regarding dental health, there could be other issues in play throughout your mouth that are causing pain and discomfort even after treatment is complete.

Here’s how Holistic Dentistry can help:

  • Tooth Decay – Holistically trained dentists understand tooth decay results from a combination of factors. Sugars alone don’t cause tooth decay but compromised immune systems due to a lack of nutrients in the diet. Holistic dentists will work with you to figure out what may be causing your body’s immune system not to function correctly and then help you fix it by providing specific supplements or changes in your dietary habits.
  • Dental Anxiety – If a patient is nervous about visiting the dentist, they most likely will not have a great experience no matter how gentle their doctor might be. Holistic dentistry takes steps such as utilizing music during procedures, and taking time before treatment for calming breaths so that patients can feel more relaxed when under anesthesia if needed. These methods are also helpful for children who tend to be anxious at dental appointments as well.
  • Gum Disease – Holistic dentists study to detect inflammation and infection in the mouth before it gets serious. They’ll also work with their patients on issues such as smoking, changes in hormone levels that occur during menopause, or even medication side effects that could be making gum disease worse than usual. Holistic treatment of gum disease will not only prevent further damage but can help your gums regenerate themselves within a few months after beginning treatment.
  • Tooth Grinding – Tooth grinding is another issue many people suffer from without realizing they’re doing so since this condition has been nicknamed “the nighttime tooth grinder’s syndrome.” This problem typically occurs because something is going on emotionally (such as stress), physically (such as illness or sleep apnea), or even because of a nutritional deficiency (such as magnesium). Holistic dentists will help you determine the cause to be addressed and then provide treatment to alleviate symptoms.

In Short:

Holistic dentistry is a branch of dental care that incorporates the philosophy and techniques from traditional medicine to improve your smile, mouth, and overall health. Holistic Dentists see oral wellness as an integral part of total body health. When you visit their office, they consider all aspects of your lifestyle, including diet, exercise habits, stress levels, and any other factors that may impact your teeth or gums, to give you personalized recommendations for achieving optimal oral health hygiene.

Some tips on how to maintain good oral healthcare at home:

Keep it natural: Natural products are always better for us because they don’t contain harsh chemicals which can further irritate sensitive mouths and throats. If we use products with heavy ingredients that can cause damage to our teeth and gums, we might be causing more harm than good. Holistic dentists recommend using natural products for brushing your teeth, like baking soda or coconut oil toothpaste.

Include protein: If you’re looking for a way to improve the health of your smile without sacrificing taste, try adding some lean proteins into your diet! Protein is necessary to build healthy cells within the body, including those found within muscles and bones; it also helps keep our hair shiny and skin elasticity. Because it’s so essential for optimal body function, many holistic doctors recommend eating small amounts throughout each day instead of large meals, which leave us feeling bloated and tired afterward.

Take care of yourself: Holistic dentists believe that when it comes to your teeth, what’s going on in the rest of your body and mind matters just as much as how you care for them. Holistic health focuses heavily on preventing illness by nurturing both our physical bodies and mental wellbeing. If we don’t eat well or of exercise or get enough sleep, then our immune systems weaken, so we’re more susceptible to infection which could spread throughout the mouth and create dysfunction both locally, and throughout the body.

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