Homeopathic Remedies Can Make Dental Surgery Easier On You

homeopathics for dentistryThe proper mix of simple but powerful homeopathic medicines may help you recover faster after dental surgery by reducing tension and anxiety. We give dental surgery patients a specific treatment plan to follow before and after surgery to make the operation move more swiftly. 

Arnica, a well-known extract from a sunflower family plant, is an essential part of this procedure. When taken orally, Arnica is used topically by athletes and others for joint and muscle soreness, but it may also assist with bruising and other issues. In fact, in the United Kingdom, homeopathic arnica medicines are authorized for these uses.

Additional homeopathic medicines will be used as part of our strategy to reduce or remove other stressors on the body caused by dental surgery. This contains alpha-lipoic acid, which isn’t precisely a homeopathic treatment. ALA is an antioxidant that has been proven to aid our holistic dentistry practice’s patients in healing faster and with minor discomfort.

A Historical Foundation

Although others have employed homeopathy throughout history, German doctor Samuel Christian Friedrich Hahnemann developed homeopathic medicines in the 1800s. In 400 B.C., Hippocrates, the father of medicine, wrote about the idea of homeopathy. Hahnemann, on the other hand, devised particular formulas for specific reasons and compiled an encyclopedia of therapeutic substances that is still used by many doctors and dentists today. While others have extended and enlarged on Hahnemann’s work, he is widely regarded as the founder of homeopathy.

At first, the concept of this kind of therapy may seem odd or backward. Stated, a homeopathic dentist or physician prescribes medicines that have been shown to have comparable effects in healthy individuals. In certain instances, just one agent is administered at a time. Multiple medications are provided at our clinic to assist with the various symptoms of dental surgery. This seems to be a fair strategy, given that homeopathy has been shown to have no adverse effects.

Homeopathic agents are considered to be more potent as they get weaker. Thus anything with a 6x potency has been diluted six times and has a more substantial homeopathic impact than something cut just three times.

Enhancing the Efficiency of Homeopathic Treatments

When it comes to homeopathic remedies, there are a lot of conventional concepts and procedures. While some are scientific in nature, others are based on superstition or probability.  These are some of them:

  • Avoiding handling medicines and ingesting them straight from the bottle.
  • Placing them beneath your tongue will maximize their effectiveness. 
  • 20 minutes before or after the treatments, no food or drink.
  • Avoid consuming tea, coffee, or mint when taking remedies since these ingredients have a neutralizing effect.
  • Keeping the medicines without the use of fragrances or other volatile chemicals may reduce their efficacy.

We aim to reduce pain in all of our patients and improve the efficacy of any treatment program or activity we recommend. Holistic dental treatment may be more comfortable by combining homeopathy with traditional surgical methods and other holistic and alternative approaches.

Homeopathic remedies are unusual and challenging to comprehend. Still, they have been proved through centuries of usage to alleviate dental problems and the symptoms after dental surgery, so they should not be dismissed. We’ll make every effort to ensure that everything goes well for you. 

We Care About Your Dental Health

At 613 Dentistry, we are committed to maintaining your oral health in the best possible condition. We do this by responding to all dental issues, existing and potential, during your appointment. Dr. Carli Katz loves holistic dentistry because it enables her to get to know her patients in their entirety and offer them personalized treatment. She is always seeking to expand her knowledge in holistic dentistry.  

Why not contact us about handling your dental surgery and recovery holistically? We’ll make sure we take every action possible so that things go well for you. – 619-489-1890

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